Why It's Important to Write-In Nate Stroup for Seat 4 School Board on Local Election Day:

Basehor School District's reputation was the main reason we moved here years ago.  My wife and I really wanted our kids to grow up knowing people in the community.  We both grew up in rural America (Kansas and Nebraska) & appreciate what small town values bring to the BIG world we now live in today. If you choose to write my name in for school board, I promise to listen with an open mind and make decisions based on fact, not agenda.  I have nothing to sell and don't care to be bought out.  I am here because I care, period.  I care about the future of this community and the schools our two daughters attend.  

A Voice of the Community

Parental Choice

Teacher's Needs

Career-readiness Programs

Family Oriented

Freedom for ALL!


What to KNOW: 

November 2, 2021              SEAT 1                 Not up for re-election until 2023

Tracey Hannah 

November 2, 2021              SEAT 2                 Not up for re-election until 2023

Dayna Miller 

November 2, 2021              SEAT 3                 Not up for re-election until 2023

Gary Johnson 

November 2, 2021              SEAT 4                 VOTE IN 2021

Nate Stroup (write-in candidate) vs. Jennifer Sims 

November 2, 2021              SEAT 5                 VOTE IN 2021

Tim Hill vs. Kody Willnauer (no longer running) vs. WRITE-IN

November 2, 2021              SEAT 6                 VOTE IN 2021

Brian Habjan vs. Richard Bazemore 

November 2, 2021              SEAT 7                Not up for re-election until 2023

Aaron Eusterwiemann

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