What To Know on November 2, 2021
School Board Elections

Seat 4
>  A Voice of the Community 
>  Parental Choice 
>  Teacher's Needs 
>  Career-readiness Programs 
>  Family Oriented
>  Father of 2 girls who attend BES/BIS 
>  Freedom for ALL! 

Basehor School District's reputation was the main reason we moved here years ago. My wife and I really wanted our kids to grow up knowing people in the community. We both grew up in rural America (Kansas and Nebraska) & appreciate what small town values bring to the BIG world we now live in today. If you choose to write my name in for school board, I promise to listen with an open mind and make decisions based on fact, not agenda. I have nothing to sell and don't care to be bought out. I am here because I care, period. I care about the future of this community and the schools our two daughters attend. 


> Experienced 
> Helped bring new, innovative renovations and upgrades to the district
> Believes in parental choice and health freedom
> Engaged community member
> Local business owner
> Father of 2 who have graduated from the district

I would like to take the opportunity to announce my candidacy as a write-in candidate for Position #5 of the Basehor-Linwood School Board. Recently, Mr. Willnauer announced that although he is on the ballot, he will be unable to serve this time around. From 2009 to 2017, I was a member of the school board in this position. During that time, we oversaw the building of BLMS, BIS, the CTEC center, and the renovation of all the schools, plus the Health & Wellness center and upgrades to all the athletic facilities. We also got iPads and MacBooks in the hands of all students.

My wife Michelle and I have lived in Basehor since my son was born in 1996. He graduated from BLHS in 2014. Our daughter just graduated in 2021. I have also been a baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer coach over the years and know many families in the area.

I have a Bachelors Degree from Harvard University and my law degree from UMKC. I was admitted to practice law in Kansas in 1997. I am currently the owner of Crimson Tax Services, a local Basehor business.

The last two years have been a challenge for everyone. COVID-19 has made our lives difficult and, sadly, many of us have lost loved ones. During this time of fear and turmoil, we have watched our government officials make decisions that limits our freedom in response to the threat of the virus. I am not a conspiracy theorist nor an “anti-vaxer”. But I believe that citizens have the right to be free to make personal choices with regards to their and their children’s health.

If elected, I will always listen to my constituents as I did before. I would never disregard those who placed me in a position of responsibility.

If you want someone who will fight for change, please consider writing-in RICHARD ZAMORA on your ballot for Position #5.

Thank you for your support.


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